the healing school


March 20 to May 23
Monday and Tuesday
10am to 12pm

Healing School is an outreach ministry of Atlanta Revival Center. It is a place where the Word of God is taught and the sick are set free and healed. Trained healing technicians minister God's Word to those who attend. No matter the disease or circumstances, the Word promises an abundant life. Our healing technicians are sensitive to the Spirit of God and flow with Him. Based on God's Word, they expect every person to be healed.

Healing School is offered free of charge

In each session, we will talk about  faith, healing, and the atonement. Each teaching is coupled with one-on-one ministry by trained healing technicians. Those who attend benefit from an up-close, personal touch. They can ask questions, and healing technicians, ministering by the Spirit, can help with specific needs.

All are welcomed

The Healing School is open to the sick and those who accompany them. It is also available for those who want to learn and grow in what the Word of God says.

there is no childcare

We do not provide nursery or child care during Healing School services. To help you receive the most out of every session, we recommend that you arrange child care for infants and small children. If your child is the one in need of healing then yes of course bring them.